No Shot Dentistry

Do you hate shots or the sound of the drill? Did you know that it's now possible to have a completely comfortable dental visit with no shots? Did you know that in some cases you could have a cavity filled without the use of the drill? That's because of No Shot Dentistry.

Say "good bye" to noisy drills, large needles and painful dental treatments. New "micro dentistry" with lasers allows Dr. Daniel Fornatto to drill cavities and repair decay without old-fashioned instruments. The laser technology eliminates the need for the shot, so no painful and fear-inducing needles are necessary. There's also no waiting for uncomfortable numbness to dissipate. Since there is no shot, patients may undergo several treatments at once, instead of having to make multiple visits to the dentist's office. By using a laser, rather than a traditional drill, Dr. Fornatto is able to save more of the surrounding tooth structure. And the laser creates a better bonding surface, so the filling lasts longer. We have treated 1000's of patients using the dental laser with a 96% success rate and patients not feeling any discomfort. One patient stated, "I could have taken a nap."

How do we use the laser?

Dr. Fornatto will carefully move the laser over the decayed part of your tooth. A water spray is used to cool the teeth being treated. Once the decay has been removed, your tooth will be restored with a new white, or tooth-colored, filling.

Using the laser allows Dr. Fornatto to remove the least amount of tooth structure and place natural restorations in the shortest amount of time.


Is the Erbium:Yag laser approved by the FDA?
Yes, the Erbium:YAG laser was approved for use on adults in May of 1997 and for children in October 1998.

How do patients benefit from this technology?
The initial and most obvious significant aspect of this technology has to be the increased patient comfort. There’s no-shot, no whining drill and “pain-free” dental procedures. Also, compared with the standard drill, the laser can work with better precision, saving more of the healthy tooth. And when the laser procedure is done, patients do not have to wait for the numbness and puffiness related to the use of anesthesia to fade.

Is there any feeling when the laser is used?
Clinical studies shows 96% of all patients required no anesthetic when the Erb:YAG laser was used to treat dental decay. There is a sensation that some patients feel that is described as a slight tingling feeling. When asked about the tingling sensation, patients described it as tolerable (Around 2 on a scale of 0-10). One patient stated “I’d take this over the shot any day.” Another stated “I could have taken a nap.”

Is it safe for children?
The treatment has proven to be quick and safe in over tens of thousands of applications throughout the world, especially for young children.

Are there any limitations to using the laser?
Lasers do have their limitations. It still takes traditional drilling to remove old silver fillings and prepare a tooth for a crown or bridge. Drills also are faster than lasers when it comes to cutting through enamel and dentin. Although the laser can be slower than the drill, time is saved since there is no waiting for the anesthetic to take effect. Also, unlike lasers, drills are very powerful and produce a lot of vibration. These vibrations results in micro fractures in the enamel which weaken tooth structure.

Do laser fillings cost more than fillings with a shot and drill?
Dr. Fornatto charges the same fee whether he uses laser or conventional treatment.

Is it covered by dental insurance?
Yes it is. Since the Erb:YAG is preparing the tooth for a filling just like the traditional drill, the “Laser fillings” are covered by dental insurance. Dr. Fornatto’s fee for a filling prepared by the laser is no higher than his filling done with the traditional drill.

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